How to use the blog

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How to use the blog
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The current way to produce and consume content on the internet is pretty whack. The popular unpopular opinion I have always had is that social media has done more harm than good, like a lot more. Its entire economy is driven by addictive mindless consumption of useless content. And the little good that it had to offer has also been eaten up by the rising trend of influencer culture and scammy monetization schemes that virtually everyone with >50k followers seem to practice. This is the first issue.

Also, just like me, there are too many out there who are suddenly experts on everything. I wrote up a small thing on it a couple years ago: Draft idea for better public social media. The gist of it is, people have voices in vastly different aspects of stuff and just because I want to know what Jeff Bezos's opinion on growing a company is, I don't need to listen to him preach about his political and religious views.

It's hard enough to dedicate time to go solve "social media", but to grow one into critical mass is nigh impossible. After a lot of thinking, looking around and trying things, I think I have found a good way to consolidate all what I'm trying to do.

Now, my primary goal is to help people who actually are interested in hearing me out, on what I have the most self-proclaimed expertise and experience in: tech career stuff. But I do want an outlet available to me to ponder on other aspects I want to have a voice on, without unsolicitedly shoving that onto people who just wants me to talk about interview prep.

The plan here is to be primarily a tech career advice publication, but with a few completely different topics that can span from hobbies to political commentary and many other things I am totally not qualified to speak on. But they will all be hidden away in different spaces I create here, and followers will be given the choice to how they want to follow, either via topic-specific RSS feeds, or topic- and cadence-specific emails. Will be a little bit of time for me to iron out the details, but please subscribe in the mean time!

Thanks for reading, I hope the time you spend here brings true value to you.

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