who dis

who dis
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first draft

I don't want to talk about myself, but rather talk about what the goal of this space is. I want to share my experiences with life stuff here. I had been meaning to create a space like this, to capture my thoughts on topics I usually get approached for: tech career stuff mostly.

but really, who dis?

okay fine, I am currently a senior software engineer at NVIDIA. I have worked at a handful of places before as internships, and most recently as a full time at Amazon before joining NVIDIA. I have been lucky to learn from a great set of mentors throughout my career, as well as fortunate and unfortunate circumstances that left me better for it. I like to share all of that here, both for my own records, as well as for anyone who might benefit from it. you can find me on linkedin for more about my background.

ghost left y'all with this next bit, will delete it when I have better content

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